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Mindfulness program at St. Regis Mohawk School featured on NBC Nightly News

Written by on December 5, 2022 Filed in District Announcements, StRMS Announcements

News crew interviews staff member

NBC Nightly News recently featured one of Salmon River Central School District’s wellness initiatives during a two-part series related to mindfulness in schools.

The first part of the series focused more on the Holistic Life Foundation. The foundation helped lay the groundwork for programs such as the one offered to students at Salmon River.

The second part of the series focused on efforts to implement mindfulness programming in our region, including at the St. Regis Mohawk School. It also explored the positive impacts of mindfulness.

A news team from NBC News visited the school last month. During their visit, the team spoke with Mindfulness Staff Member Reese Jacobs and Principal Alison Benedict, who are both featured in the series. The news crew also interviewed students Devilynn Lazore and Iesennakwenienstha Thomas. The crew also recorded video in Mrs. Bradley’s kindergarten classroom.

News crew records staff member and students conducting mindfulness exercise