Superintendent’s Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome back for what I know will be another fantastic school year! As the summer break draws to a close there are many reasons to be optimistic for the coming school year. Our students have had much success in academics, athletics and graduation rate. I believe that education is the most powerful tool we have to impact our future as a society, and I believe that our actions, beliefs and behaviors determine our success as a school district. I also believe that at Salmon River Central School District, EVERYBODY belongs and ALL ARE WELCOME.

As we enter the school year, one of our key goals is to strive toward improving daily student attendance. I ask you to please partner with us in order to achieve this shared goal, it is imperative that our students are in school and arrive on time every day, (School start time is 8:00 AM for all school buildings). If a child is not in school, the negative impact can be that he or she is not learning to their potential, because they are missing critical classroom instruction and opportunities for academics, social and emotional development, and extra-curricular activities. Thank you for your work as our most important partner in providing the best possible education to your child.

Our Board of Education, staff and administrators continue to work very hard in providing the best education for your children. As a result, student achievement has improved over the last three years in New York State Testing at all grade levels! More specifically our preliminary reports show that last school year Salmon River CSD students outperformed most BOCES component schools in the northern region on some of the ELA and Math grade 3-8 assessment questions. This is an impressive
stride in the right direction and provides a roadmap for accelerated learning. In addition, our graduation rate was over 80%, for the third straight year we have met and exceeded the New York State Education Department graduation target!

Each of these incremental improvements push us forward as a district. This year, we will continue to work towards our goals and achieve our shared vision. My vision for our district is to be a positive district, where we use positive words and communication, where we push our students to achieve at high levels and support them in reaching their full potential. Furthermore, my vision is to be a district that makes students want to come to school each day, where we build strong family and community relationships and encourage student engagement in our classrooms. Together in partnership with community, families and school, we can make our school district a positive environment to live and work.

I believe this will be achieved through our understanding of and dedication to tolerance, civility, and cultural responsiveness for all people. Remember, at Salmon River, EVERYBODY BELONGS and ALL ARE WELCOME. It is important that we celebrate and embrace diversity, because we can learn from our differences and grow as individuals.

Please reach out to your child’s teacher, principal, or to me directly. We am here to help you and answer any questions you might have.

I wish you all a wonderful school year!




Dr. Stanley J Harper





Salmon River CSD Superintendent of Schools