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Library/Media Services

Our Library Program provides instruction, resources, and services to assist students and teachers in becoming critical thinkers in the pursuit and use of ideas and information. The program is designed to help students improve their information seeking strategies as well as expose them to all different genres of literature. In addition, our libraries also strive to assist classroom teachers in enhancing every student’s learning experience.

Online Catalog

The Salmon River Central School District utilizes OPALS: A 21st Century Electronic Doorway Library.

This system functions as a digital hub for all the district’s libraries, offering students and faculty access to a vast array of electronic resources, creating a modern and convenient way to explore information and learning materials.

Beginning with Books

image of adult reading book to child

The Beginning with Books program takes place at both Salmon River Elementary School and the St. Regis Mohawk School. This story and craft hour is available to any child age birth through four and is designed to foster a love of reading through books, crafts, and other activities.

Learn more about Salmon River Central School District’s Beginning with Books program.