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District Technology

Ed-Law 2-D Law Compliance

Protecting Student Privacy

Salmon River CSD takes seriously its obligations to secure data systems and protect the privacy of students. The District is committed to promoting sound information practices and policies that will strengthen data privacy and security.

Student Data 

One of the most effective ways to improve teaching and learning is to collect and analyze data. It tells us if students are on track for graduation, college, and careers, or if they need additional help. It tells schools if their education programs are working. It helps state leaders make informed decisions based on facts, rather than anecdotes.

What is Ed Law 2-D

To learn more are these requirements, watch these two short videos about how Ed-Law 2-D impacts the classroom and the roles we all play in compliance.

What is Ed Law 2D? Isn’t that the Tech Director’s Gig (part 1 of 2)

What is Ed Law 2D? Isn’t that the Tech Director’s Gig (part 2 of 2)