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Salmon River voters approve $38.67 million budget, $16 million solar array capital project

On May 21, Salmon River Central School District voters approved the district’s $38.67 million 2024-25 budget proposal, the purchase and finance of school transport vehicles and a $16 million solar array capital project. Residents also elected three board of education members.

District-related propositions

  • A $38,673,194 budget for the 2024-25 school year that increases spending 4.84% ($1,787,107) and carries a tax levy increase of 2%: 89 yes; 39 no
  • Purchasing and financing school transport vehicles at a total cost not to exceed $800,000: 92 yes; 36 no
  • A project consisting of the construction and installation of an approximately 16 acre, 5-megawatt solar array at a total maximum estimated cost of $16 million: 78 yes; 48 no

Board of Education election

Two candidates sought election to three open board of education seats:

  • Agnes (Sweets) Jacobs: 103 votes
  • Shelley Jacobs: 97 votes

Write-in candidate PJ Burns received 22 votes and was elected to the third open board of education seat.

The terms are five years each, beginning July 1, 2024.