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Fifth Graders Recognize Accomplishments With Writing Celebration

Written by on November 29, 2021 Filed in Uncategorized

Ms. Spinner recently held a small writing celebration at the end of the narrative unit for all 5th graders at the St. Regis Mohawk School. She invited special guests, including Mrs. Huiatt, Ms. Fergusen (student-teacher) and Mrs. Benedict.

All of the guests were able to listen to some great stories ranging from vacation trips, birthday parties, swimming adventures, hospital trips, cooking experiences, along with some very scary experiences. Students could write about whatever they wanted to and share it with everyone once it was finished and ready to publish. Their classmates gave some great feedback and listened attentively. All of the students did a nice job presenting in front of their peers and guests! Way to go fifth graders! If you are a parent of a fifth grader, encourage them to share their work with you!


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