Travel Requests

Throughout the course of the school year you may find it beneficial to travel outside the District to attend professional development opportunities or meetings related to District business.  Attached are the forms required for travel along with the travel guidelines that District has adopted based on our Travel Policy 6161.  These forms are also located on our website under staff resources.

The Travel Request Form must be completed prior to travel in order to be approved to attend such a training or meeting.  Prior approval for all travel is required to ensure that there are budget funds to cover the cost of the conference and travel.  Travel Requests must be received in the Business Office  30 days  prior to the trip. Travel Requests require the approval of your building principal, Assistant Superintendent, Business Executive and Superintendent.  Please keep this in mind when determining how far in advance to make your request.

Reimbursement for travel expenditures can only be made from an approved travel expense form and purchase order.  It is the responsibility of the employee to submit the request for reimbursement.  Employees must attach the original itemized receipt to the requestor copy of the purchase order and send with the travel expense claim form to the Business Office.  Travel reimbursements must be turned in timely; reimbursements turned in after 30 days will not be reimbursed.  Any trips taken without proper and prior approval will be at the employee’s expense.

The District does NOT reimburse for alcohol, NYS tax, telephone calls, or entertainment.  Expenses incurred by family members while traveling or other types of personal expenses will NOT be reimbursed.  Expenses incurred for personal travel made before, during or immediately following a conference will not be reimbursed.

Some things to keep in mind when traveling:

  • Provide as much information about the conference or meeting as possible
  • All arrangements are made through the Business Office
  • Original, itemized receipts are required
  • Meal expenses will be reimbursed at no more than $80 per day: Breakfast $18, Lunch $22, Dinner $40
  • A school vehicle is available for employees to use when traveling
  • Personal credit cards should not be used to reserve hotels

If you have any questions about travel or reimbursements, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Ashley White at or 358-6608.


Download the travel request forms below.