Stipend for Additional Work

From time to time instructional staff may request to perform work after school or during the summer.  The District has a 2 step approval and payment process in place for when staff request to work beyond their normal work day/year.

  1. Stipend Approval Forms  – There are 2 different forms depending on the type of work that is being performed.  Make sure to review the categories and select the appropriate form describing the work to be performed.   It is the responsibility of instructional staff to fill out these forms when they are requesting to work beyond their normal work day/year.   Stipend approval forms require the approval of the Principal, Assistant Superintendent, School Business Executive and the Superintendent  PRIOR  to any work being performed.  Forms must be completed at least  10 days prior  to the work.
  2. Stipend Claim Form  – Once the work has been completed this form MUST be filled out to receive payment.  The form is required to be signed by the Principal. Stipends are paid on a 2 week lag based on the substitute payroll calendar. No payments will be made for work performed without the signed stipend approval form.   Stipend approval forms will NOT be acceptable after work has been performed.To get to these forms, you will login to Frontline, Choose Central and select My Forms and then select Forms That I Can Start.  There you will see the Stipend Approval Forms labeled for each Administrator.  There is an approval process for this, so it will go through all approvals .  Once it is approved, you will receive the approved copy back in Frontline Central to see that it was sent through.

    In there you will see the two different Forms:  Stipend Approval Form and Stipend Approval Form – Extension of Normal Duties.  The Extension of Normal Duties falls under the Guidance Staff, Instructional Support Staff and Nursing Staff.

Download related forms below: