Employee Assistance Program


As part of the benefits package at Salmon River, we offer an Employee Assistance Program through the ESI Group.  This program is offered to our employees and their immediate family members at no cost and is easy to use.

From time to time we all face issues in our lives.  Usually we can handle them ourselves, but sometimes it makes sense to reach out for help.  Just as our health insurance plans are designed to address your physical health , our employee assistance plan is designed to assisted your emotional and mental well-being.  The program is available 24/7 and is completely confidential.  You can either call the toll free number or log onto the website to access the benefits.  There are a wide variety of benefits available such as:

  • Counseling benefits
  • Legal assistance
  • Financial coaching
  • Self-help tools
  • Discounts to help with fitness, nutrition, and weight management
  • Personal development benefits
  • Overall wellness benefits


Visit https://www.theeap.com/employee-benefits-overview for more information.