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St. Regis Mohawk School COVID-19 Update 10/06/21

Written by on October 6, 2021 Filed in District Announcements, StRMS Announcements

Operation changes to optimize the safety of our students at the St. Regis Mohawk School
*I want to thank all of our staff, parents, community members for your input and know that we value
what you have said to us. Therefore, I want to let you know that we will make some changes to enhance
the safety in our building that supports our students and staff. Below are the items that we have
adjusted. Mrs. Benedict,Principal

Building Procedures:

  • Students will be placed in classroom cohorts throughout the day, which protects them from a larger
  • Art,Library, Mohawk and Tech teachers will now travel to classrooms to provide instruction.
  • Music classes will continue to be held in the multipurpose room to provide 6 feet between students.
  • Physical Education classes will continue to be held outside as much as possible. If not, then 6 feet
    will be maintained in the gymnasium.
  • Prekindergarten students were moved into larger classrooms to help with social distancing.

Classroom Procedures:

  • Students will still have assigned seats in the classroom.
  • Seating charts will be updated as needed and shared with the administration and nurse’s office.
  • All students in grades 4-5 will remain in their classroom, their teachers will rotate between rooms.
  • Classrooms will continue to be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Classrooms have been set up to ensure maximum safety, following social distancing guidelines and
    wearing face masks.
  • When possible, tables & desks will face the same direction.
  • During small group instruction, a maximum of (3) students will be permitted to sit with the
    teacher. Barriers will be in place.
  • Students will be permitted to leave the classroom for intervention, speech, occupational and
    physical therapy, and resource room services. The staff member will escort students to the
    designated room.
  • Intervention and resource rooms have polycarbonate dividers installed for barriers as well.


  • Recess time will still be given to all students.
  • Weather permitting, outdoor recess is encouraged on a daily basis.
  • Please make sure your child has the appropriate clothing based upon the time of year and weather.
  • Recess will continue to be staggered at each grade level to ensure that students remain in their
  • During recess, students may remove their face covering as long as six feet of social distancing is in
    place. If not, then students will be required to wear their masks.
  • Staff will be at different stations of the playground.

Breakfast & Lunch:

  • Breakfast will still be eaten by students in their classrooms.
  • Lunch will be served in the cafeteria for all students in only grades 2-5 with the use of
    polycarbonate dividers.
  • Students in grades pre kindergarten-first grade will now eat lunch in their classrooms.
  • Students are permitted to remove their face coverings to eat and drink. We have barriers installed
    to allow for this. Social distancing of six feet will be utilized when possible.
  • The cafeteria will continue to be cleaned & disinfected after meals.
  • Snacks will still be allowed throughout the day.
  • Students can also bring in a bagged lunch, but can not share food with others.
  • Students with certain food allergies will be provided with the proper spacing and table setting to
    allow for classroom eating to occur.