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Message from Dr. Harper regarding masking

March 1, 2022


Dear Students, Parents, School Staff and Community,

I am informing everyone that there will be a change with the current mask mandate for schools beginning Wednesday, March 2, 2022.  This past Sunday Governor Hochul made a statewide public announcement that she has followed the science, data and CDC recommendations that allows for the lifting of the mask mandate in New York State, although she added that each county and school district will still have an option to require masks, especially in areas with at-risk (very high) Covid infection rates.

What does this mean?  With our local Franklin County Department of Health approval, the Salmon River Central School District will no longer require mask wearing in the school setting beginning Wednesday, March 2, 2022.  Masks will be optional in the school buildings, on school buses and any school activity. Each individual will make their own decision whether to wear a mask or to not wear a mask.  Please know that the district respects and supports each person’s right to choose if they will or will not wear a mask and we will not tolerate any negative remarks, bullying, harassment or projected harm based on these choices.  I want to ensure that the Salmon River Central School District is a school environment where everyone is welcome and feels safe.  Everyone should feel comfortable with their choice to wear or not wear a mask.

The District will continue to enforce all other COVID-safety protection measures that we have had in place for safety such as social distancing where possible, daily disinfecting, and testing.  Please know that we will continue to provide home tests provided by New York State upon request as they become available, and we will continue to partner with BOCES to provide testing to staff, students and the community weekly.

To that end, we have all been in the COVID pandemic for two years together, so please help us to make sure we stay strong together and continue to support one another as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.


Dr. Harper