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Medicine In School

Each year our School Nurses are asked to administer prescribed and over-the-counter medication to larger and larger numbers of school children. Education law prohibits the administration of any drugs to children during school hours except when the following conditions are met.

When it is necessary for a student to take prescribed or over the counter oral and inhaled medication (i.e.; Tylenol, Motrin, aspirin. cough syrup, etc.) during school hours, the parent needs to submit a written request to the school nurse, along with a written request from the physician that indicates the frequency and dosage of a prescribed medication.  The nurse may then administer the medication during school hours.

We are finding that many students are carrying physician prescribed inhalers with them in school.  Regulations allow students who are self directed to carry inhalers with them.  However, we are required to have a list of these students in the nurse office along with a written prescription from their physician, and a written parent permission stating they are able to carry this medication with them.  It is important for each student’s safety that the nurses are aware of any medical conditions especially those requiring medication.

A copy of the needed medication order is included on the back of this letter.  ALL MEDICATION NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER.  We cannot legally give medication unless the above procedure is followed.