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Photos and Events from 2011, Click HERE
Photos and Events from 2012, Click HERE
Senior High Graduation 2014

Community Based Work Experience
Program Graduation 2013-2014
Community Based Work Experience
Program Graduation 2013-2014
SRC Native Film Class filming the final production of "The 7 Dancers" at the Droulers Site, Saint-Anicet, Quebec. 
Prom 2014
Hiate Lazore and Hawi Tarbell were undefeated champions in the SRC Badminton contest--Congratulations to both players
Using the "Jaws of Life" in a Mock DWI demonstration as the high students watch



Mrs. Backus' (far left) students in Studio Art and Drawing/Painting courses at Salmon River Central recently participated in an Earth Day Activist Art contest.  Students came up with environmentally related designs that they felt strongly about.  Their goal was to challenge the viewer to think about their impact on the Earth and it's resources.  Students and staff voted on their favorite designs on Earth Day, April 22nd. 

The top winners were 1st Place: Karhatiron Perkins, 2nd Place: Chance Monette, and 3rd Place: Keri Shenandoah.  Top winners received plants and all nominees received seed packets from the Art Department.  Congratulations to all!

Students in Mr. Eldridge’s Computer Assisted Design (CAD) class researched several different atoms in order to help Mrs. Hoag’s Chemistry Class understand the chemical bonding and ground state vs excited state of atoms.  The seven atoms that were chosen by the students were then designed on CAD software and milled and created using a Tomach Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine.  The wooden atoms were presented to Mrs. Hoag and are now being used in the classroom

Top Ten Academic Students at Salmon River Central 2013-2014

Valedictorian - Katrina Martin Salutatorian - Becca Leroux Samantha Macdonald Jocelynn Martin Jesse Odorowski Dominique Jacobs Kason Tarbell Cody Boardway Brandan Healey Alyssa Smith

Katrina Martin
Valedictorian 2013-2014

Becca Leroux
Salutatorian 2013-2014
Students in Miss. Durfee's Physical Education
Class Playing Badminton. 
Mr. Cook, Mrs. Deshaies, and Mr. Binion volunteered to be stuck to the cafeteria wall with duct tape in an effort to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Any student that paid $1 received duct from Mrs. Backus and was allowed to tape their favorite teacher to the wall.  Over $280 was raised in all
Mrs. Patenaude and her son
Alex during Spirit Week 2014
A Lincoln Tech Representative visited Salmon River Central to explain their program offerings to perspective students. For more information click HERE
Robotics Team Division By Zero took third place in the Chesapeake Regional in College Park, MD.  They will be heading to Missouri to compete in the National Robotic's tournament against 400 other teams in April.
(All Photos courtsey of Massena Central)

The 1491s appeared at SRC courtsey of the Native Film Studies Class.  The 1491s are a sketch comedy group that provide indigeneous satire in different parts of the country.  They are from the wooded ghettos of Minnesota and buffalo grass of Oklahoma. Pictured above are Katsitsionni Fox, Bobby Wilson, Dallas Goldtooth, and Migizi Pensoneau

Spirit Week 2014
High School Class Olympics 2014
Students Repairing a Weed Trimmer Engine
as a Sign that Spring is Coming
For over thirty years Joseph Bruchac has been creating poetry, short stories, novels, anthologies and music that reflect his Abenaki Indian heritage and Native American traditions.

Click HERE to enlarge the picture above
NY Tech Valley Regional Win, and the names of those attending this event in the picture are: Kneeling in Front row L to R: Alex Batten (M), Jennifer Beaudin (M), Jason Avery (M), Ray Phillips (C), Amanda Clapper (C), Adam Brewster (C), Tyler Fefee (M). Standing in Back L to R: Eric Kasper (C), Kaeliana Smoke (M), Krystal Arquette (M), Lauren Ransom (S), Zach Koons (C), Tristan Nichols (M), Mackenzie Phelix (S), Matt Hoerning (C), Karoniate Conners (S), Kyle Neufang (S), Thomas Weitz (M), Kody D'Aze (S), Shane Chartrand (M), Noah Hargrave (M), David Elman (M), McKay Burley (M), Corey Snyder (M), Erin Drake (M), Evan Fregoe (M), Matthew Gasperoni (C), Luis Estevez (M), Josh Miller (M), Darcie Fregoe (coach-M), Katie McDonald (C), Brianna Barley (C), Harley McGovern (M), Jeff LaFlame (C), Jacob LaValley (M), Marc Tessier (M), Mitchell Beyer (C), Colin Lewis (M), Joe Sanchez (C), Casey Godzyk (C), Blaise  Barra (C), Bryce Ryan (M), John Seeman
(C). C=Clarkson, M=Massena, S=Salmon River

The "Division By Zero" team competed at the inaugural NY Tech Valley Regional at RPI in Troy NY this past week/weekend alongside 37 other teams from NY, PA, VA, OH, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey.  Robot 229 was the third fastest robot at the regional, and although it struggled with an elusive electrical problem, was picked to be in the 1st place alliance going into the elimination matches!  Our alliance dominated the quarterfinals, the semifinals and WON the NY Tech Valley Regional!

These high school students, mentored by Clarkson University engineering students, built a strong, fast robot that will compete again at the Chesapeake Regional in MD in three weeks, and has been invited to compete again at the World Championships in St. Louis, MO at the end of April.

If you see any of our robotics team members, with huge smiles across their faces, pat them on the back.  They worked very hard this season, and their efforts paid off.   I believe this makes our 7th regional win in the team's 16 year history, and the first time we have won two years in a row!  
They are an AWESOME group of students!!!

Salmon River Middle School participated in the First Lego Robotic League placed first in the Project category!!  If you see these students, please let them know how proud we are of them:  Kyra Cree, Shannan Cree, Olivia Moulton, Hannah Oliver, Hunter Durkee, Lincoln Cook and Adam Hubbard.  Also, a very big thank you goes out to their coach, Danielle Chapman! 
Broomball in the SRC Arena
Mr. Grayson (student teacher 11th grade English)
reading with his students during class
Mrs. Tyo ( fifth from the left) and her students celebrating
The Great Gatsby as part of the eleventh grade
English curriculum by dressing in 1920s attire.
Ms. Collins (Superintendent of Schools)
talking with Star during the first ever
STEM Science Fair at SRC.
Students in Mrs. Backus' Class
molding clay for their next project
Winter Ball 2014
Module 1
Module 2
Girl's Varsity Hockey-2013-2014
Teammates Wraven and Mallory
Students in Mr. Phippen's PE Class Throwing The Ball Around
Mr. Eldridge And His Students Trying
Out Their Newly Machined "Tops" In Technology Class
Mr. Russell Showing Kristin How To Light A Cutting
Torch in Agriculture Class
Students in  Katsitsionni Fox's Native Studies Class Creating
 Clay Figures As Part Of Their Animation Project
Students in Senior-High Art Class
Students in Mr. French's HVAC Class Working on Blueprints
Jeremy holding two of the newly born rabbits
from Mr. Russell's Agricultural Class.
Seniors posing for their senior class picture in the high school gynasium.

Seniors in Mrs. Gagnier's Class working
with their reading buddies in the elementary

Danielle working in the high school library.

Students in Ms. Durfee's Physical Education Class taking
advantage of some "ice time" to play broom ball.

Jeremy (center), working with students from Mrs. Durant's class during Graphic Design as they create story-books using the computer
Mr. French sporting protective eyewear as he
completes a weld during HVAC class.
Mrs. Conners presented the idea of designing a book tree to Ms. Backus for the library a few months ago.  The Lions Club of Malone donated a large quantity of books to our library.  Some of the books were added to our library's collection.  Staff and students also took some of the books home.  We decided to give the remaining books a new life.  Sculpture students folded pages in each of the books to create a unique design and built this beautiful tree.  A great deal of thought went into selecting the appropriate sized books for each corresponding layer to balance the tree.  A paper star was added to the top of the tree.  To complete the overall composition, students created snowflakes, using the technique of paper quilling.  This is a piece that will remain in the library for all to enjoy. 
Mr. Russell (Agricultural Teacher) and Mr. Adams (Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds) filleting fish with students in the agricutural room
Mr. Eldridge showing his students how to weld in Auotmotive Diagnostic's Class
Girls Varsity Hockey vs. Massena
High school sculpture students have been learning about the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  Goldsworthy is an artist who uses nature as an element to create his work.  As a class we gathered natural materials from the woods around the Salmon River campus.  
Native American Day Celebration 2013
Students in Mr. Eldridge's
Automotive Class working on a project
Rowisonkies Barnes during
Native American Day Celebration
Click Here to view pictures
Girls Soccer Playing Against Various Teams

SRC Friendship Belt--Click HERE To Enlarge
This art installation, “SRC Friendship Belt”, is a celebration and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the students at Salmon River.  Each student created a wampum bead that was a representation of their respective culture.  These wampum beads were formed into the shape of figures holding hands, which is a symbol of friendship.  We are extremely thankful for the unique story that each and every one of our students has to share with us.
A look at last years Boy's Varsity Lacrosse Team
Four Wishes This Gunstwork production of the classic tale, which features exquisite puppets, expressive masks, and original choreography, ignites the imagination of young and old alike. This dynamic solo production is a teaching story of the Wabanaki, the native people of New England and southern Canada.
SRC Boys Varsity Soccer
Taking a WELL-DESERVED break before the lunch crew arrives
Girls Varsity Soccer
Halloween 2013
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Mr. Tom Murphy taking some time after a presentation on anti- bullying to pose with some students near the auditorium.

 Red Ribbon Week promoting positive choices,
good character, and healthy lifestyles.
Click on the modules below to view additional pictures
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Vanna (left) and Josh (right) working on their
publications in Graphic Design  
 Students in Mr. Phippen's  Physical Education Class woking on the Pacer Test as Mr Phippen overlooks in the background.
Students met with colleges and the Armed Forces to
discuss future opportunities during career day at SRC.
All photographs taken by Danielle Bowles


Ms. Fox's Native Studies Class is working on environmental issues in the community.  The class is doing a project on the Opening Address, and are studying environmental concerns world wide as well as locally.  Mary Lafrance, Jacob Terrance, and Matthew Thompson, from the SRMT Environment Division came in to present insight on the contaminants in the area that effect the fish and water along with initiatives for improvement.
Mr. Warden (high school principal)
congratulating Zack on a job well done!!
Zack won the "Jreck Sub" Sat Math Challenge for week one.  He correctly answered 16 out of 20 SAT Math questions. Every week there is a new set of SAT questions and the student that answers the most correct wins a free sub, donated by JRECK.  Congratulations Zack!!
Ms. Fox's Native Film Class is presenting storyboards for a project entitled "Debunking Native Stereotypes".  Students investigated common native stereotypes and are filming short skits to debunk one of these stereotypes.
Mr. French showing James how to properly level and plumb an electrial outlet box during class.
Mr. Eldridge and Mr. Durant showing students
how to work with a portable saw mill
Patrick Dunning and Mrs. Russell in front of
a "Square" that teachers signed as part of
"The Signature Project"
Mr. Mainville working on a bulletin board to make students
aware of the importance of ACT and SAT scores.
"Linear Toothpick Sculptures"
Each student in Mrs. Backus' Art Class was given
100 toothpicks.  They had to create a unit of at least
two toothpicks.  Then a sculpture was created from
all of their units and then paint was added to
complete their designs. 
Mrs. Hoag introducing Chemistry topics to some
of her students during opening days st SRC.
Mrs. Benedict working with students in the high school.
Mr. Sharlow explaining Opportunity Costs to his
twelfth grade economic students
Mr. Pendergraft (far right) preparing his students for their first project in Earth Science
Katsistsionni Fox, Director Title VII, and
Tom Porter, Mohawk Elder taking time out for a photo after a presentation on cultural sensitivity.
The graduating class of 2013
Diplomas 1
Diplomas 2
Candids 3
Salmon River's First Ever Talent Show
The cafeteria staff takes a well-deserved break
before serving staff and students.
Alumni Matt Healy and some of the images he
created while at Lebanon Valley College, PA.
Jr-Sr Prom 2013
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
"The Role Model” Project created by the SRC Native Studies Class.  Mrs. Fox has been doing this project for 8 years, and has seen many great role models form the community come in to be honored.  For this project students identified a role model in their life; someone they look up to, who has made a difference in their life.  They write and essay about how these people influence them in a good way.  The role models are then invited to the class, where the students read their essays and present them with the posters they have created.  The role models also offer some advice and good words to the students who have chosen them.  It is always heartfelt, and sometimes the role models are surprised that they have been chosen.  
High School Students working on the PACER (fitness) test
Senior Trip 2013
(All photos taken by Augustina Vasquez, and Shayna Travers)
Mr. Eldridge working with his students
in Technology Class
Whitney Brockway bought several stuents from Salmon River Central to the Northern Area Health Education Center  (NAHEC) in Saranac Lake.  Students had a chance to seek out possible future careers in the medicine field.
"The Great Gatsby"

Mrs. Tyo, (Grade 11 English) pictured with Raienkonnis Edwards (left), and Kyle Green (right) dress the parts as they study the second best English language novel of the 20th century, according to The Modern Library.
Congratulations to Samantha Monette (Valedictorian), and Kaitlyn Pickering (Salutatorian) on their outstanding academic success.
Samantha Monette
Kaitlyn Pickering

Katsitsionni Fox’s Native Film Class students won 3rd place in the video contest "Speak the Truth To Power".    

The film was centered around the Human Rights Defender Jamie Nabozny, and the topic was bullying.  It featured the "Skennen Ratihawi" initiative at the Mohawk School, with an interview of Angela Elijah, as well as footage from the tree planting here at Salmon River.  The video also included a dramatization of a student being bullied. 

The students who produced the film were: Sierra George, Tristen Thompson, Kiana Thompson and Victoria Thompson.  Congratulations on a job well done!!
Click HERE to watch the video

Mr. LePage smiling for the camera
during donkey basketball.
Spirit Week at SRC
Salmon River Girls Varsity Basketball
against Waterloo for Class B Championship--2013
Class Olympics - 2013
Students from Salmon River Central High School Band took a trip to Albany to celebrate "Music in Our Schools Month" to play at the Capitol building.  Congratulations to Mrs Healy and all of her students for the wonderful job they did as they represented our school.
Salmon River High School awarded the February Students of the Month who were nominated based on the character trait Self-Discipline.  Congratulations to Samantha Ghostlaw, Jocelyn Martin, Enigoonse Jock and Rupert Snyder (absent from photo).  Mrs. Bushey awarded each student with a gift bag and a gift card courtesy of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program.
Mrs. Benedict (High School Principal), is wished a happy 40th birthday!!
Congratulations to the cast and crew for a wonderful presentation of The Sound Of Music
Click HERE for part one of the play
Click HERE for part two of the play
Josh welding a bracket
in Mr. Russell's Agricultural Class
SRC and Massena Students Win Big In Robotics
Massena, SRC students win big in robotics
Team 4124, made up of Salmon River and Massena high school students and sponsored by Clarkson University, Potsdam, was a regional winner March 2 at the BAE Systems Granite State Regional in Manchester, N.H., and advances to the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship in April in St. Louis, Mo.
Salmon River 73, Watervliet 65 (Final Score) in Section X Class B Girl's Basketball
Click HERE for photos

Staff vs. Students BroomBall Final Score: Staff 5, Students 2

Morgan Oakes (right) working with her "Reading Buddy" in Mrs. Smith's room in the elementary.
"Do The Hustle"
Mr. Phippen and Ms. Durfee teach students
coordination and balance during
Physical Education class
while dancing to  "The Hustle"
January Students of the Month 2013


Ms. Fox's Native Studies Students worked collaboratively to create four (4) anti-bullying posters.  Mrs. Lickers assisted the students with translating these into the Mohawk Language.  This series of posters also addresses "Dignity for All Students".  Copies of these posters will be given to the two Mohawk Immersion Schools in the Akwesasne Community: The Akwesasne Freedom School and the Skahwatsí:ra program in Kanatakon.
Students practicing for All County Chorus and Band
Sierra, Marissa, Peyton, and Breanna
holding the newborn bunny rabbits from Agricultural Class
Admissions Representative Tom Larose giving a presentation to Mr. Eldridge's students regarding the University of Northwestern Ohio and the programs offered at this university. 
Click HERE for more information
 Mr. Eldridge (Technology Teacher) presenting Mrs. Benedict (High School Principal) with a pencil holder for her desk by Mr. Eldridge's Technology Class.  It was the first project completed in this class. 
Students holding the toolbox they made in
Mr. French's HVAC Class
Salmon River Boy's Varsity Hockey Team 
 Students cutting  timber as part of their Conservation
Unit in Mr. Russell's Agricultural Class
Students taking advantage of a few minutes
in between classes to relax in the  senior lounge.
Girls Varsity Basketball taking a "time out" to
get instructions from their coach.
Students gather round author Tom Birdseye after a presentation he gave that detailed how he became a writer of nineteen (19) children's books.  For more information on his works, please click HERE.
Miss Durfee's Physical Education Class
Playing Volleyball In The High School Gymnasium
Boys Varsity Basketball Against Ogdensburg Free Academy  2012
Students in Graphic Design class created and designed storybooks and then invited Mrs. Durant's Kindergarten Class to the high school to share the books with these students.
Christian using an angle grinder in
Mr. Eldridge's Technology Class
Mrs. Simons and Emily working on a
project together in Graphic Design
Mrs. Fluery (high school secretary) ready
 for another week managing the high school
office at SRC 
SRC Boys Hockey 2012
Twelfth grade students go "Career Cruising" with Bea Johnson from the Akwesasne Area Management Board.  Students matched their interest with careers during Mr. Sharlow's Economics class.
SRC Girls Hockey 2012
Seniors reading to their kindergarten buddies
Native American Social
Fall 2012
High school students playing a friendly game of cards in senior lounge during lunch.  
High school students in the gymnasium

Rock Your Moc’s is a nonprofit organization that’s still in the "thinking stage.” As a way to celebrate Native American Heritage Month, the group encouraged everyone the world over to rock their mocs—or moccasins—wherever they went.

Click HERE for YouTube Video Video Created by Katsitsionni Fox

Halloween 2012 at Salmon River
Seniors lined up around the shamrock
for the 2012-2013 yearbook photo
Mohawk Language students and Mrs. Fox helped raise money and  presented a check to Mrs. Smoke to help with recent medical expenses.
Mrs. Binion with her students waiting for the bus.
As part of a Drug Free Week campaign, students and faculty showed their support in various ways.
  The Akwesasne Coalition for Community Empowerment and their First Annual “Zombie Infested Obstacle Course” took place at Salmon River Central in order to send a message to students to have a drug and alcohol free life.
Mr. French Showing Jolsin How To Use A Diagnostic Combustion Analyzer In HVAC Class.
"Rainbow over Salmon River"
Photo Credit: Jane Collins, Superintendent
Fall Fest 2012

Congratulations to the following Students of the Month: Kanahiio Angus, Angel Lazore-Phillips, Kiana Thompson and Vanna Thompson. These students were recognized for displaying the character trait Acceptance.

Students in the Elementary Computer Lab
SRC Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Massena
October, 2012


Students from Salmon River Central and
Chateaugay Central School pose for a picture as they
harvest Tilapia from the retention pond out behind SRC



Mrs. Bushey presenting a program to seventh graders to make them aware of the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

Brady (left) and Jarid (right) all dressed up before a
varsity soccer game against a competing school.
Ronatiio Perkins reading to a first grader as part of the
"Reading Buddy" campaign where seniors take turns
reading to different elementarty students.
First customer of the new school year
in the high school cafeteria.
Mrs. Angie Robert, Director of Curriculum and Instruction giving a presentation to faculty regarding Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) during opening days at Salmon River Central.
Salmon River Girls Varsity Volleyball competing against Franklin Academy Huskies during competition play at Massena Central High School.
Randy Peters using the Deutz tractor
in Mr. Russell's Agricultural Class.
Boys Varsity Soccer
vs. Massena
Erin O'Grady-Parent (center) gave a presentation on sexual harassment and bullying to staff and faculty during to Superintendent's Days at SRC.  Alison Benedict, High School Principal (left), and Jane Collins, Superintendent, (right) are also pictured above.
Sarah Francis opening her locker
on the first day of school.
Katsitsionni Fox pictured with Tom Porter.  Mr. Porter talked
with faculty and staff during Superintendent's Day about
Native American cultural awareness and sensitivity.
Kathleen Fessette (center) from SUNY Platssburgh provided  Annual Professional Performance Review training to faculty and staff in the new distance learning lab at SRC.  Also pictured are Jane Collins, Superintendent, (left) and John LePage, (right)  SRTA Union President.
Kathleen Fessette talking to faculty and staff about the new
regulations for APPR in the distance learning lab.   
Joe Cross--Moments Before Receiving His Diploma
Karyss Terrance Receiving Her Diploma.


2013Salmon River Central Graduation 2012
Family members and staff gather around a memorial tree and plaque planted in memory of Suzanne Bilow
A small gradation ceremony was held at the Methodist Church in Malone to honor the New Vision law students on June 14th.  Jenna David was the only Salmon student to be accepted and graduate from this rigorous program.  Pictured with Jenna is Senior High Principal Mrs. Benedict.  Congratulations to Jenna as she will be attending Carleton University in the fall

Congratulations to the May and June Students of the Month!
The May Students of the Month were awarded based on
the character trait Perseverance.  Congratulations to Ken’taratiron Arquette, Robert Kelly, Kaitlyn Lauzon, and
Blane Wehausen-Flournoy.

 The June Students of the Month were awarded based on the character trait Respect.  Congratulations to Tewentene Fox, Clair Russell, Zach Jock, and Ciera Jock.  All award winners received gift cards from Mrs. Bushey’s Program- A/CDP Prevention Program. 

Students in Mr. Durant's Technology Class posing with their new wooden stools made entirely by from Soft Maple.  Students said this was a challenging yet rewarding project.
The 6th graders worked hard on the rocketry unit - a favorite to end the year with.  Each student made their own rocket, and the launch was a success!  
Students in Mr. Russell's Agriculture Class standing
next to a tree planted in memory of Suzanne Bilow.
Seniors being escorted by Corporal Jock of the
Mohawk Tribal Police during the annual "Senior Parade", as a sign that seniors will soon be graduating.
Salmon River Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs. Massena
A "Retirement Tea" was held to honor four faculty members retiring at the end of this school year.  The four people retiring are front row: (l-r) Grenda Chapin, Maryann Durant, Jackie Tarbell, and Debbie Dodge.  Administrators, and colleagues pictured in the back row are: (l-r) Jane Collins, Superintendent, John LePage, SRTA Union President, Sharlee Thomas, Principal Mohawk School, Irving Papineau, Principal Mohawk School (retired), Adam Schrader, SRTA Vice-President , and Alison Benedict, High School Principal.
Seniors gathering for a photo opportunity
near the front of the school by the flagpoles.
Seniors in concert garb during the spring concert
in the high school auditorium
Seniors taking time out of their jam-packed itinerary
during their trip to NYC for a class pictures.
Girls Varsity Softball taking
a moment to pose for a group photo
Jeremy Bombard looking on
as Allison Boots
hangs another "tombstone"
during Grim Reaper Day. The purpose of Grim Reaper Day
is to bring awareness
of the loss of life, every 33 minutes,
caused by drunk driving or
impaired/ distracted drivers.
Shown above are Shawn Avery Prom Court King,
and Zoe Thompson, Prom Court Queen.
Click HERE for an amazing video
by Ms. Fox's Native Film Class
(Click Here to download the latest version of Flash
for Mozilla Firefox)
Lalen gearing up for a serve in
badminton during physical education class
Ms. Fox's Native Studies class presented posters they created to their role models.  This project was designed for students to honor and recognize the people in their lives that have influenced and helped shape who they have become.
Mr. Russell (red shirt) Agricultural Teacher with the men who helped deliver the new "Sugar Shack" to Salmon River Central.  Additional pictures include students and faculty designing the new apple orchard and new vineyard.
Miss Jane Collins, Superintendent (left) congratulating
Sean Godard, Valedictorian with High School Principal
Alison Benedict during Awards Ceremony night with Sandy Cook as Master of Ceremonies. 
MORE >> 
On Wednesday, April 25th, educators from the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. presented a workshop at Salmon River to teachers from the middle school, high school and from the Akwesasne Mohawk Board of Education schools.  The workshop introduced participants to a new project that links students in our schools with the resources of the museum.  Teachers were introduced to NMAI's new website which details how four American Indian Nations have responded to the environmental challenges they face in their own communities.  
Homeland Security Special Agent Losito, and
High School Principal Mrs. Benedict (left), talking with
students after a presentation on Internet Safety
Congratulations to Sean Godard Valedictorian, and Anna Kelly, Salutatorian, for their outstanding job and hard work throughout their high school career.
Freshmen in Mrs. Gagnier's honors-level English class participate in the Reading Buddies program. Students read with Mrs. Smith's first grade students twice per month. The purpose of the program is to encourage a sense of community while helping students build their reading skills and meet their monthly reading goals.
Katsitsionni Fox helping Tesha in Native Film class as they work on a clay animation project.
A lone tulip stands strong against a late spring snowstorm
Ms. Laura Davenport putting the finishing touches
on a special dessert for students and faculty.
High School Class Olympics
The BOCES Cosmetology Spa Night, held on Monday, April 2nd, was a huge success.  For a small donation, women were able to enjoy an evening of pampering by cosmetology students at the North Franklin Education Center.

High school seniors with an above 90 average throughout their high school career.
The following three students were nominated for student of the month: Leslee Loran, Justin Jarvis, and Tyler Thompson-Douglas for displaying the character trait of honesty.  (Absent from the photo: Tyler Thompson- Douglas).
Seniors Zoe Thompson, Karley Cree, and Karyss Terrance showing their school spirit on "tie dye" day at SRC
You are Invited to participate in a teacher workshop on American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges
Click HERE for more information
Seniors showing their school spirit during spirit week by dressing up and posing for a picture in the new cafeteria.
Dr. Hilary Pyke presented a check to the Board of Education
to support the Girls JV Softball Team.  Shown here
(left to right) are Dr. Pyke, President Skidders, and
freshman Kiera Pyke.
Congratulations to the following students for February Student of the Month.  The Character Trait is Friendship.  Left to right are  Chad Smoke, Brady Mitchell, Kaitlyn Pickering, and Augustina Vasquez.  Nice job!!
Students and faculty did a FANTASTIC job on the play Annie.  Many, many, long hours were put in as preparation for the event took shape.  Both shows appeared in front of a sold out audience, and the event was a huge success.  Congratulations to everyone that helped make this play a hit.
On Monday, May 12th the Board of Education accepted
a donation to support the Girls Lacrosse Program this spring.  
Teesha Thompson is shown here with Board President
Stacy Skidders presenting the check for $7,000, which
was raised in the community.  This season will mark
the team's second season.  
Kim Russell, Mohawk Ombudsman and Advisor to the "Sources of Strength" program, and students, Nolan Cooke and Tanner Beaudin presented details about the initiative to the Board of Education on March 12.  "Sources of Strength"  is a comprehensive wellness program that uses peer leaders to help change norms that prevent students from seeking help when they need it.  The program is designed to increase connections between peers and caring adults so that when a student is  faced with a crisis he will know where he can turn. Sources of Strength has a true preventative aim in building multiple sources of support for students,  so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on.  The "Sources of Strength" program has been active at Salmon River High School for three years.
 Congratulations to Coach Francis and the Salmon River
Girls Basketball team.  Their victory against Tupper Lake allows the Shamrocks to participate in the New York State playoffs beginning on Tuesday March 6th at Plattsburgh State against the winner of Section VII.  The Shamrocks will also be playing for the Section X overall championship on Friday March 2nd at Maxcy Hall against Massena.  The Shamrocks improved their record to an overall 18-3.  Great job ladies!! 
Salmon River Central and Massena Central School in conjunction with Clarkson University took second place out of 42 teams at the Rochester Regional competition.  Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!
Seniors vs faculty in "Broomball" resulted in a 5-4 win in an overtime shootout giving victory to the seniors once again. Congratulations to all those who played.
Congratulations to Coach Cook and the Salmon River Boys Hockey team on their Section X Division II Championship at Clarkson’s Cheel Arena against Ogdensburg 5-1. 
Varsity Cheerleaders doing a cheer for the students
during a pep rally in the high school gymnasium
On Friday, February 17, 2012, Sharlee Thomas, Principal of the St. Regis Mohawk School provided a tour of the school for Commissioner John B. King of the New York State Education Department, Regent Richard Dawson, Charles Szburla, and Chief Randolph Hart.  Pictured from left to right are Ellen Cook, Home School Coordinator, Chief Randy Hart, NYSED Coordinator, Charles Szuberla, NYSED Board of Regents, Regent James C. Dawson, NYSED Commissioner John B. King, Jr., St. Regis Mohawk School Principal Sharlee Thomas and Superintendent Jane Collins.
Miranda Carr creates a sculpture from nature.  She took
old branches and twigs that had fallen from trees
and created a "bear sculpture" for art class.
The Boys Varsity Hockey Team advanced to the Section X Division II Championship game with an 8-1 win over St. Lawrence Central.  Oakley Thomas led the way with 6 goals. 
The SRCS Girl's Varsity basketball team completed their regular season with an overall record of 15-3.  They captured the Northern League Division Championship with an undefeated record of 8-0. 
Congratulations To Coach Cook And The
Salmon River Boy's Hockey Team
On Capturing The Northern Athletic Conference
Division II League Championship.

Click HERE for interviews with Coach Cook,
And Co-Captains Matt Healy, and Oakley Thomas.

Used with permission from Watertown Daily Times

Mrs. Robert (second from left) completed a 3 day training for the NYS Principal Evaluator Annual Professional Performance Review in Albany this week. Also in attendance was the FEH BOCES Deputy Superintendent, Leslie Larose (left) and Principal Theresa Lindsey (far right) from Saranac Lake. They are pictured here with the NYS Commissioner of the Education Department, Dr. John King.
James Iserhoff welding on a
New Holland tractor during Agriculture class
Nolan Cooke and Rylie Mainville both received a perfect score of "100" on their English Regents exam taken in January.  Congratulations to both of you on an excellent job!
Studio Art students recently completed designs in relief using cardboard.  It seems as though everyone is talking about "going green" We decided to "go brown".  Students used cardboard scraps to create individual squares while considering the elements and principles of design.  Our cafeteria and maintenance staff were helpful in obtaining the cardboard for us. We then grouped their squares into 9"x 9" installations.  We discussed how even though we are all individuals, we often have much in common,
as do our projects. 


Ms. Eddy and her students
working on homework after school.
The Capital Project Continues
High School students met for the third annual Sources of Strength Training on 1/20/12, facilitated by trainers from the University of Rochester with with guests from St. Regis Mohawk Mental Health.  Sources of Strength is a comprehensive wellness program that works to use peer leaders to change the attitudes about codes of silence and help seeking.  The program is designed to increase connections between peers and caring adults.  Throughout the year, peer leaders develop messages that teach other students about Sources of Strength and how to identify trusted adults. A mix of peer leaders in attendance were new members as well as third year members. 
Mr. French explaining to his HVAC students the proper
way to setup electrical outlets during class.    
Clay Bigness and Tim Ghostlaw setting up the new "Athletic Student of the Month"  wall near the high school lobby.
Salmon River's new cafeteria in the early morning hours
 Students Logan Delormier and Atonwa Benedict
are learning how to create a weather report using
a "green screen" in Grade 8 Advanced Mohawk class
with Katsitsionni  Fox and Lorena David.
Girls Varsity Hockey Against Massena Red Raiders
Work continues on the capital project as the completion of a glass block wall takes place in the new high school band and chorus suite.
Students and Mrs. Claffey (center) in their new 
"Home and Careers" classroom.
The Salmon River High School Students of the Month for November and December were awarded.  The Student of the Month is based on the character trait from the Book of the Month.  The book of the month for November was Crow Call by Lois Lowry and the character trait was compassion.  The book of the month for December was The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy and the character trait was generosity.  Megan Bushey from the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Prevention Program provided prizes.  The winning students were Daniel Boyea, Kaienkwinetha Ransom. Ryan Barnes, Marlee King-Jacobs, Tanner Beaudin and Rylie Mainville. 
Congratulations on a job well done!
Taking time from their busy schedule in the cafeteria
for a photo opportunity during the holiday season.
Students and faculty during the  holiday
season in the month of December. 
Pictured above, Mrs. Tyo with her Santa hat. 
The Boys Varsity Hockey Team defeated McQuaid
in an overtime shootout by a score of 3-2 in the first game
of their annual Christmas Tournament on Minor Hockey Appreciation Night.  Oakley Thomas scored the only shootout goal while Matt Healy stopped all three shots in the
shootout (which officially ended in a 2-2 draw). 
Congratulations to Coach Cook and the Shamrocks!
Mr. Burnham looking at the honor roll list
for the first marking period.
A "Retirement Tea" was held in honor of Steve Mayville for his 33 years of service at Salmon River Central. 
Congratulations Steve!!

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