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Math and Movement Night

Written by on December 14, 2017 Filed in District, District Announcements, StRMS, StRMS Announcements

St. Regis Mohawk Elementary recently held a Math and Movement Family Fun Night, as part of the Toolbox for Education Grant. The Math and Movement Program helps children learn by moving, using literacy and math mats that are bright colors, fun, and engaging for students. 

So far, many of the students have had exposure to the mats as the teachers have been using them in the classrooms. All elementary teachers participated in training in October to learn how to incorporate the mats in the classroom. The students are now learning math in a fun and exciting way. First graders are able to skip count by 2s and 3s already, a skill they might not have mastered until 3rd or 4th grade. This skill will be a foundation for learning multiplication and will make that concept easier when they get into that grade.

Parents and community members were included at Family Fun Night. Parents and students were able to come in, use the mats, and see what the program was all about. Everyone had lots of fun! We partnered with our local Lowe’s of Potsdam (NY) as they sent volunteers to help out with the mats. 

The mats will be used for many years to come and will benefit students at school and in the community. Teachers and staff at St. Regis Mohawk Elementary are very thankful to have gotten the grant and work towards improving math scores and helping students lives in a positive, fun way. 

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