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Salmon River Campus School 2013-14 Bus Routes

Route #1 Bus #43 - Rte 37 from Frogtown Rd to Raquett Pt, all Raquette Pt & Herne Rd. (This bus will provide overflow for the 8 & G Club in the PM)

Route #2 Bus #183 - Rooseveltown Rd, Iroquois Village & Mohawk Apt and Route 37 from Frogtown Rd to St Regis Rd including Okwarine and White Rds.

Route #3 Bus #168 - Helena, Frogtown, Solomon, Conners Rds and Christine Lane.

Route #4 Bus #181 - St Regis Village, St Regis Rd from Tom White Rd to St Regis Village including Johnson Rd, Pyke Rd, Rourke and Gray St.

Route #5 Bus #182 - St Regis Rd between McGee Rd and Tom White Rd, Tom White Rd, Brown Rd, Cook Rd from Rte 37 to Tarbell Rd, Tarbell Rd, Mary Rd, Rte 95 from Rte 37 to the Townsend Rd (CR 2). Townsend Rd in PM only.

Route #6 Bus #185 - McGee & Pumphouse Rds, St Regis Rd from McGee to Rte 37, Rte 37 from St Regis Rd to Eastern Door gas station, Jock Rd and Beaver Meadow Rd.

Route #7 Bus #42 - Rte 37 between Eastern Door gas station and County Route 1 (School Rd), including Swamp Rd. 315

Route #8 Bus #184 - Cook Rd from Tarbell Rd to Spahetti Corners, River Rd and Chapman Rd.

Route #9 Bus #180 - McDonald Rd, border Rd, The Snye Rd, Phillips Rd & Chapman Rd.

Route #10 Bus #167 - Snye (186 Snye Rd, James Lazare, Friday, Rec Center, School Rd & corner of McDonald & Wade Lafrance Rds).

Route #11 Bus #172 - Lift Equipped Bus-West end of the Reservation including Raquette Pt, Rooseveltown, Frogtown & St Regis.

Route #12 Bus# 169 - Lift Equipped Bus-East End of the Reservation including State Rd, Cook Rd & Snye.

Route #13 Bus #44 - CR 32 from Sayles Rd to Cooks Corners, John Hill, Kibbie Rd, Wagner & Cemetery Rds. CR 3 from the district line to Fort Covington Center & the Avery Rd.

Route #14 Bus #50 - Quain, More and Tuper Rds. CR 32 between the Sayles Rd & the Trailer Park/Hoyt Rd & Rte 95. Rte 95 from the district line to the Lantry Rd and including the Sayles and Vilnave Rds.

Route #15 Bus #5 - Jock's Trailer Park, Hoyt Rd, CR32 between Hoyt Rd and the Trailer Park, Scanlon Rd, CR 4 from Scanlon Rd to  Rte 95, CR1 from Rte 95 to the Fay Eldred Rd and 203 CR1 (Latrays Stables Apt).

Route #16 Bus #49 - Rte 95 from and including the Lantry Rd to the CR2 (Townsend Rd), River Rd, CR2(am only) and 167 CR1 Latrays Apt. 315

Route #17 Bus #39 - Factory/Keenan Rd, CR9 & 37, East Mahoney Rd, Reagan Flats, Smith, Cotter, Cold Springs, Fay Eldred & CR1 from Latrays Apts to the School.

Route #18 Bus #37 - CR 4 from the Dog Hollow Rd to CR 42 including Dog Hollow, Reardon, Irish Ridge, Quain (north end), Lahey and Donovan Rds. Also CR 42 from CR4 to the Foster Rd. Also the south Frye Rd in the PM.

Route #19 Bus #47 - McQueen Rd, Buel Rd, Freeman Rd, Forest Brook Rd, Rte 37 from Rte 122 to the district line. The Barlow Rd, CR4 from Rte 37 to CR 42 and the south Frye Rd in the AM. This Run will take the Menonite students home in the PM.

Route #20 Bus #46 - Rte 122 from district line to Rte 37 including Stone Rd, Bull Run, Flat Rock, Bird, Sand St, Trout River Rd (CR20), Briggs Stand Little Brigg St.

Route #21 Bus #52 - Jewett Rd, Coal Hill Rd, Faye Rd, Rte 37 from 122 to Leroux's Store in Ft Covington including the Woolen Mill Rd and (CR 42 from Foster to Rte 37 & the Holden Rd in the PM only).

Route #22 Bus #53 - Lift Equipped Bus - Ft Covington, Westville, South Bombay, Bombay & Brasher.

Route #23 Bus #40 – CR1 from school to the Foster Rd, Smiddy Rd, Foster Rd, Cushman Rd, Holden Rd (am only), Burns Holden Rd, Shannon Rd, Blanchard St and High St back to Rte 37 and south Covington St. 315

Route #24 Bus #41 - Ft Covington CR 43, Hopkins Pt Rd, Pike St, west Center St, Salmon Stand CR 42 from Rte 37 to the Foster Rd in the AM only. 315

Route #25 Bus #45 - Ft Covington, Chateaugay St, East end of Center St, Water St to border, High St North of Center, North Covington St, River Rd, Maple, Gove St and Frye Rd north of Foster Rd. 315

Transportation Staff CONTACT INFO

Norm Treptow
Transportation Supervisor

Jim Therrien

Transportation Requests
Click here to make a transportation request; the username/password format is first initial last name/first name (all lowercase).


If the school system is to be closed because of inclement weather or some other emergency, there will be a bulletin broadcast over local radio stations:
WMSA-1340 AM
WYBG-l050 AM
WVNV-96.5 FM
WICY- 1490 AM
CKON-97.3 FM

Also, News Channel 10 would have this information at, as well as the District Facebook page at

Bus Regulations

The bus driver will have complete authority while students are on the bus.

The student will board the bus, take a seat, and stay in it for the duration of the trip.

Movement in and out of the bus will be orderly and without pushing, shoving, or jostling.

Each student must respect the property of others.

The driver shall have the sole right to assign seats.

All students must respect the safety and welfare of other students.

Excessive noise will be regarded as detrimental to the safety of students and driver.

Immoral conduct or foul language will not be tolerated.

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and possessing or using drugs are prohibited.

No food or drinks.

Students will only be allowed to cross the street in front of the bus when the bus driver gives the safe cross signal. Students are to walk to the front of the bus and cross 10 feet in front of the bus.
After school, the destination (designated stop) will be the student’s home.

Students will be loaded or discharged only at the designated stop unless a written request is received from the parent. This is required in every instance in which the student is to be picked up or discharged at some location other than home. Bus changes will not be honored over the phone. Students should bring written requests to the office prior to 8:14 a.m.

Discipline problems will be referred in writing to the building principal. The penalty for continued misbehavior may range from suspension from riding the bus to suspension from school.

Regulations for Driving to School
All students are to ride the bus unless they have completed the proper paperwork with the office and have been given their school issued driving permit. The New York state education law charges each school with the responsibility of all motor vehicles on its premises. In view of this fact, it is our desire to have record of all student drivers and to inform them of regulations for proper and safe operation of vehicles on school property.

Due to a limited number of parking spaces, permission to drive may be given only to grade 12 and National Honor Society students in grade 11.

Underclassmen must demonstrate that there is a need to drive to school. Students are to schedule a time to meet with the principal to discuss the necessity to drive to school. They must provide a proof of license, registration, and insurance card. Both the student and parent/guardian must sign and return a permission form to the high school office. Students will be assigned to a designated parking area.

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