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February 10, 2014      -                              Important Notice

BE IT RESOLVED that Salmon River School District has used four emergency closing days in the school calendar to date, due to two days for with no water,  one day to manage smoke damages and one day for inclement weather;            

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that March 21, 2014 is currently listed on the school calendar as a Superintendent’s Day for professional development, and given that the New York State ELA 3-8 Assessments are being given from April 1 through 3, 2014, the Board hereby passes the following change in the school calendar: March 21, 2014 will be a day of instruction for the students of Salmon River School District and the St. Regis Mohawk School. 

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the school calendar is to be comprised of 180 school days with four of those days to be Superintendent Conference Days and 176 days of instruction. Therefore, June 27, 2014 will be the fourth Superintendent’s Day with a full day of professional development activities planned for this day. 

Furthermore, if the district has to use 2 or more emergency closing days prior to April 11, 2014, the first day from April Break to be used as a day of instruction will be April 11, the next day will be April 14, and then April 15, 2014 until the district is made whole to a required 176 days of instruction. 

            BE IT RESOLVED that the St. Regis Mohawk School has only used three emergency closing days, and therefore has worked one more day than the three other Salmon River Schools due to an emergency day taken in October 2013. In an effort to make that school experience equal, the Board will address this issue by the last week of school if the number of calendar days in session is still unequal, by allowing the staff and students to take one day during the week of June 23, 2014 as a day with no school."

School Delays related to wind chill factors

Student safety is a primary goal of the Salmon River Central School District. Weather conditions are monitored to ensure that students can be safely delivered to school and returned home.

Decisions to close or delay school due to the temperature and wind chill factor are determined by the Transportation Supervisor and the Superintendent of Schools.

A wind chill factor of -15 degrees is a determining factor as to close or delay school. Frostbite can occur on exposed skin in a relatively short time for children out in extreme temperatures. Parents are encouraged to ensure that students are dressed appropriately for these conditions while waiting for the bus.

If there is a delay or cancellation, a One Call Now is placed to all families that have children enrolled in the school district.
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